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Brake Lights

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The following indicators have to do with the various braking functions of your car.

Brake Lining Lights
These are different versions of a brake lining or brake pad light. They all indicate that your brake pads are wearing thin and should be replaced in the near future. Some systems (like BMWs for example) give you warning almost 2,000 miles before they need changing, others might give you less. If one of these lights comes on, the best idea is always to have a professional take a look and let you know how soon you need to have the brake pads replaced. (NOTE: Some cars use the light that reads “BRAKE” to indicate only that the parking brake is engaged and use another light to indicate that the brake pads are worn. Refer to your Owner’s Manual to figure out what that light means in your car). These lights could also indicate that brake fluid is low. Some cars have a specific light for this, (one is pictured in the “Fluids” section) while others use the same light to indicate several different potential problems. If your car relies on just one light, it could mean that the brake pads are low, as mentioned above, or it could indicate a more serious problem. Check the brake fluid and add as needed if it is low. However, monitor the brake fluid level and the situation closely! Brake systems work via hydraulic pressure, and if you loose enough of that pressure your ability to stop could become compromised, either in part or altogether! If there is any change in the way the brake pedal feels when you step on it, especially if it is very low or even goes to the floor, your car is probably not safe to drive! Take it to your shop immediately, but HAVE IT TOWED; DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE IT!!
NOTE: Some systems, such as several model years of BMWs use different color brake warning lights to indicate the severity of the problem. If the brake light comes on YELLOW, it indicates that your brake linings (brake pads) are low and should be changed in the near future. However, if that same light comes on RED it indicates a more serious brake problem, like low brake fluid. As always, it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual to determine if your car uses this type of warning system.
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Parking Brake Lights
These lights are not to indicate a problem, but rather to notify you that the parking brake is engaged. This is just a little helper so you don’t drive off with the parking brake on. When you disengage the parking brake, the respective light should go off. If it does not, you might have a problem with the parking brake itself, or the light could be indicating a problem with the other braking system of your car instead of the parking brake. As you can see, some cars indicate that brake pads need to be replaced with a light that reads “BRAKE”, while other cars use that light to indicate that the parking brake is engaged. It’s a good idea to consult your Owner’s Manual to determine what that light means on your particular car.
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Anti-Lock Brake Lights
These lights refer to your car’s Anti-Lock Brake System. When any of these lights are on, it’s to warn you that there is a malfunction somewhere in the ABS. It is safe to drive the car with this light on, and the brakes will work normally, however, when this light is on, the Anti-Lock Brake System is OFF and will not actuate under emergency or hard braking. Again, it is fine to drive with this light on, just be aware that you will be driving as if your car does not have an ABS system and if you slam on the brakes you will not have the anti-lock system to assist you. NOTE: If the Anti-Lock Brake System light is on in conjunction with another brake warning light, you should have your vehicle looked at immediately. It could be just a low brake lining light, or it could indicate a potentially very serious hydraulic failure in the brake system and your car may not be safe to drive.
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