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Traction Control Lights 

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Traction Control Lights
This array of lights is connected to the various traction control systems for different cars. Reading what these mean can be somewhat tricky, as they can be either indicator lights or warning lights, depending on when they�re present. The �BAS ASR� and �BAS ESP� lights are the only two that are NOT indicator lights, and will only be showing on your dash if there is a malfunction in the system. Mercedes Benz uses these lights to warn you that the system has detected a fault and has temporarily disabled itself. All the rest can be both indicator AND error lights. In order to determine if the light on your dash is simply telling you the system has been manually turned off, or if it�s telling you that the system has a problem, push the corresponding traction control system button your car has. BMW uses ASC and DTC and DSC, depending on the year, model and options your car has, and other car manufacturers use other symbols or acronyms. If you have manually disabled the system, the light will be present on your dash to remind you that you will not have the assistance of traction control in an emergency situation. If you turn the system back on, the light should turn out. If attempting to turn the system on does not make the light turn off, then the light is present to indicate a malfunction in your car�s traction control system. The car is safe to drive, and will act normally, however the traction control system will remain DISABLED until you have a professional diagnose and rectify the problem. Again, refer to your owner�s manual to familiarize yourself with the systems your car is equipped with and what lights correspond to your particular system.
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