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Engine Lights

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The following lights refer to your engine's performance

Check Engine Lights
The following icons are different variants of your check engine light. These lights are tripped usually when your engine is not operating at peak performance: it could be an oxygen sensor, an emissions problem, spark plugs, or even a loose gas cap that could set this light off. The only way to tell why this light is on is to have a professional hook up a diagnostic computer to your car and read the codes that are stored in your cars computer that caused this light to come on. For the most part, your car may not run its best and may use a little more fuel than normal, but more often than not, it is safe to drive your car with this light on, although in some rare instances, continuing to drive with this light on can cause damage. Most of the time, it is simply indicating that your car is not running its best. Your service technician can diagnose the problem and recommend a remedy to get your car back to running at 100%. Again, the best idea is to have your technician tell you whether it's safe to keep driving or not.

EML Light
The EML light refers to your electronic engine power management system. This system uses an electronically controlled throttle, as opposed to the older fashioned cable or linkage controlled throttle. Having the throttle controlled electronically, which is also sometimes referred to as �drive by wire�, enables the car to have a more advanced traction control system. By allowing the car to electronically modulate the throttle, it provides the car�s computer system with the added ability to apply power to the wheels as needed, in addition to being able to apply braking as needed, to help you regain control of your car in the event you loose traction and begin to slide or skid. Many cars will not have this ability at all, as it is a newer technology even cars with traction control may only have the ability to apply braking as needed. This is an additional system that facilitates even greater precision in car control.
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