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Transmission Lights

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Trans Lights
These lights have to do with your car�s transmission. The AT Trans Temp light indicates that your transmission fluid is overheating, possibly because you are towing a heavy load or are doing a lot of uphill driving. Pull over and let the car remain running to let your transmission fluid cool down. Wait for the light to extinguish before continuing to drive, as continuing to allow your trans fluid to overheat could cause costly and possibly irreparable damage to your transmission. Have your technician diagnose the problem to make sure your transmission is OK. The other light is a sort of check engine light for your transmission. Again, there is no way to determine why this trans error light is on other than to have your service technician plug into your car�s computer to read the codes that the transmission has set to indicate what kind of problem it is experiencing. In some cases, it might be a minor fault. In other cases, it could be a major fault, and continuing to drive the car could cause further damage. The best idea is to stop by your shop and have the problem diagnosed right away to make sure that continuing to drive it will not cause any further damage.
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