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transmission repair boynton beach In these days, any honest and conscious transmission specialist should recommend a driver to look for transmission services more frequently.  Thus, it is a fact that finding yourself in the process of repairing or replacing the transmission of your car, can represent a heavy load for your monthly expenses.  So, it is preferable that by keeping a constant transmission check up, this will assure not only its longevity but also can avoid costly repairs or breakdowns in the near future.
For the past several years,  new developments  in the car industry present us vehicles with smaller, lightweight engines and transmissions.  These smaller engines in the process of  reaching the power they need, run at higher rpm’s and higher temperatures.  Eventually, this excessive heat created can end in more frequent breakdowns of transmission components.
Something that is very important to point out is that from all the systems in your vehicles, the transmission system is one of the most complicated.  In the transferring of power from the engine to the wheels, it utilizes a complex system of hydraulics and gears.  Certainly, with the pass of hours and after a long day of driving, a lot of heat is created inside the transmission.  Here, it is very important to use transmission fluid  to lubricate and cool the parts in motion of your vehicle.  The fluid’s presence will reduce the amount of potentially damaging heat inside the transmission and help maintain a safe and constant operating temperature.
Among the recommendations of vehicle manufactures, one of the most important is that the transmission fluid should be changed at determined specific maintenance intervals. Here, at Affordable Auto and Tire Center we follow this procedure.   Also,  on the contrary of some transmission services which replace about 40% of the total fluid in the transmission, we perform a complete transmission flush to remove all the fluid.  The final and positive result will be a clean, cool and lubricated transmission ready to extend its salvage value.

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